Wunderkind Public Relations announced today findings of a research project into the social media engagement of Georgia’s top companies. The 2009 Social Media Engagement scorecard takes a look at the top 25 public and top 25 private companies in the state and basis their engagement level on the use of five tools: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and YouTube. The research gave these 50 companies a D grade meaning, on average, each company used 2 of the services. Only 4 scored a perfect score.

Social media is still new to the corporate world, especially those in B2B circles. While the score was low, it does show companies are engaging and testing the waters to determine how this medium will provide the greatest return on investment. Some which scored low may never reach a perfect score because services like Facebook don’t reach the audience they need. Either way, there is a lot of room for growth and as more companies test the waters each will figure out how social media can impact them and the best way to create an online dialog with customers and prospects.

Here are some of the stats from the scorecard:

  • LinkedIn is far and away the most popular social networking service; 96% of all companies have a LinkedIn page, followed by Facebook (42%) and Twitter (38%)
  • Only 9 companies received a SME score of 4 or better
  • CEOs lack engagement with an average SME score of .26
  • 12 companies have a dedicated YouTube channel while only 7 have a blog
  • Only 1 CEO contributes to the company blog
  • Private B2C companies led the pack scoring a 3.2 on the SME scale while private B2B companies trailed with a mere 1.6
  • 33 of the 50 companies on the list are B2B
  • 1 company is completely disengaged

Disclosure: I am employed at Wunderkind Public Relations and participated in the research.