Cell phones, iPods, computers, gaming systems, you name it. Technology is all around us. Think about the last time you forgot your cell phone and how you felt the moment you realized your lifeline was not in your pocket or attached to your hip (by the way, cell phones are not a status symbol anymore so get the damn thing off your belt-unless you are addicted to online games and have a case of Mountain Dew next to your PC).

Immediately, your mind goes into overdrive. Do I drive back home and get it? If I don’t, what calls or texts will I miss? Crap. What do I do!? For me, I have to have my phone with me. If there is a problem with Kai or Ella, that is the number everyone has to call me. Email for work is important too, but let’s face it, the children always come first!

Last Saturday, Kathy and I were getting away for the evening to celebrate our sixth anniversary. A nice evening in Midtown Atlanta at Ecco. We both pretty much new where the restaurant was but decided to pop the address in TomTom and let it guide us through the one-way streets.

“10 miles?” Kathy new something was wrong. We were on 85 South (maybe 5 miles north of Midtown). Maybe it is saying 10 more miles because of all the curvey roads and one-way streets…

Hmmm…now we are passing downtown Atlanta. Something is definitely wrong. Call the restaurant and confirm the street. We used the right 7th Street NE. Next thing you know we literally crossed the proverbial tracks. 15 minutes of surface streets later we hit a dead end. TomTom didn’t know the street was gone. You could see where there was once a road but it has long since been gone. Trees were growing for Pete’s sake.

An already long story short, Kathy called them back, we turned TomTom off and made it there on our own.

Do we rely too much on technology? I definitely think so. I am a tech freak and my confidence in TomTom (never steered me wrong before) was way too high and it cost us.

What do you think? What tech gadget do you rely on most? Do you think you could live one day or week without it?