Customer service is a topic that gets me fired up. Poor service just irritates me. I cannot remember the exact statistic, but it is said that someone who experiences poor service is likely to share that with 5 (maybe more) people while someone who experience great service might share it with 1. This highlights how much we like to share negativity. Its a shame because it makes us all cynics. On this note…let me jump on the bandwagon.

The other weekend we decided to get shoes for Kai and we knew what Target had (we are always there), so we decided to go to Wal*mart.  While in line, a couple in front of uswas about to pay when they noticed the price of some napkins they purchased was more than the price in the sale box where they picked them up. The lady at the register shrugged her shoulders and, annoyed, asked, “do you still want them?”

I couldn’t bite my tongue and had to ask if she was serious.

“Are you kidding me? Can you at least call and find out what the price should be for them?”

She shrugged again.

“It amazes me that for a place that advertises happy and customer service, you are going to take the lazy route and do nothing for these people,” I continued.

While Kathy would have pinched me in my side and told me to stop (she’s always looking out for my safety), the couple in front actually thanked me and said it was no big deal.

Now, my turn.

“How are you today sir? Did you find everything OK?”

Huh, who is this woman. She goes from a snot to a well-mannered associate. The answer was right below my nose. I looked down at the pin pad as I swiped my debit card only to find this question…were you greeted by the cashier? ughh They are benchmarked on greetings. That benchmark does not mean a thing and just means your employees will do the minimum to get by.

On the flip side is a recent dealing with Logitech – they make computer mice, keyboards and lots of other gadgets. My absolute favorite mouse started to go on the fritz. I did a few searches to see if I could troubleshoot it myself. No dice. I emailed their support and expected to wait a few days for a response as this has been my experience with most support departments. Two hours later I had an email asking me to do a few things. By the time I responded it was the end of the day. The very next morning, another response this time saying they would replace the mouse free of charge. No hassles, no ridiculous hoops to jump through – just good customer service. They now have a customer that will return and continue to buy Logitech products (when the economy improves).

Till next time…